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Stories from the weeks of November 16, 23 and 30– 2012

COP on the Hill

Stories from the weeks of November 16, 23 and 30– 2012

Cruise = 7 Rotaries?:   Upon our  (Misty and me) return to Maryland, we were barely unpacked, when it was time to take our first ever cruise ( our here = Karen and I).  We flew to Fort Lauderdale. We broke bread with Irvin Rosenfeld (one of 4 federal patients who receives 300 MJ cigarettes each month) & Irvin’s significant other.  The ship carried us to four ports-of-call in the Caribbean.

Besides resting and resting some more, I ended up being asked “Why?” about 70 times with a total audience of about 250 (15% of all the passengers) during the seven day cruise.  Know that just answering the question is not work, just enjoyable.  Karen was a  great prop, as her hair was just starting to grow back i.e. less than a centimeter long.

Impure thoughts?:  We  in DC are having a 2013-2014 strategy meeting next week to decide what type of marijuana bill we will recommend to Members of Congress.  Recall that in 2011 reformers ‘larded up’ a bill with all kinds of crap that would make it easy for a Member to oppose the bill in general.  Luckily, Congressman Frank and Paul cleaned up the bill which eventually became a straight-forward ‘Repeal Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Bill’ = HR 2306.

Good news.  I have spoken with two of the major players in reform and both said that we should recommend something simple and clean like 2306.  It ain’t over but whew!

It is who you know that counts:  On November 28 Grover Norquist invited his brunch attendees to a C-Span event at the Newseum.  Arriving early as always, I had 3 good chats with journalists.  If you saw it, that bald head that was always in the camera was mine & you saw me for two seconds at the very end putting on the Stetson.  Time well spent.  I took the Metro to Grover’s  brunch, chatting the whole time with one of the 3 journalists.


Fourth year stats for COP- August 1, 2012 thru July 31, 2013:

51 Presentations to Congressional staffers:  this week

3 TV  (major networks = Fox, ABC, etc) interviews

6 Radio interviews:   this week

14 Blog, cable TV, minor media events:  this week

7 Newspaper articles:   this week

2 seminar, hearing or briefing attended:  this week

1 chat with Congressman:  this week

11 Presentations to lesser VIPs:  this week

Total stats for COP in first 3 years ( not including Fourth Year stats):


  • 944 Presentations to Congressional staffers
  • 26 Appearances on major TV networks
  • 14 published interviews in major (daily)newspapers
  • 27 interviews and reports in minor media = blogs, cable TV, etc
  • 66 published letters to the editor (value per MAPINC in free publicity: $65,000)
  • 2 editorials in daily papers mentioning my efforts & in support of COP position
  • 33 brief chats with Members of Congress
  • 19 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, etc.
  • 10 major conferences attended (CPAC, LULAC, NRA, etc)
  • Permanent invitation to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders.   Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”
  • Consider being a member of COP at $30.00 or more per year.   All contributions are tax-deductible.   Law Enforcement’s voice in opposition to current policy is vital on the Hill to achieve a repeal of federal prohibition.  COP provides that voice.   If you agree that Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow and want to be a part of the solution…  Go to:



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