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So how is drug war being won?

The Windsor Star
August 17, 2009
So how is drug war being won?

Re: U.S., Mexico winning drug war, Napolitano

What planet is U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano living on, when she states the U.S. and Mexico are winning the drug war? My profession, police, has been slugging it out in the trenches for 40 years now.

The results?

Drugs are cheaper, stronger and much easier for our children to buy.

We had body counts in Vietnam to show we’re winning. Napolitano now uses how many kilograms and bullets seized.

Despite 40 million victories, Americans arrested on drug charges, we live in a country saturated with drugs and drug dealers.

When will we in the U.S. and Canada become as wise as my grandparents were in 1933 and repeal modern “Prohibition?” – Howard Wooldridge

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