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  • Gov. Chris Christy (NJ-R)

  • Colorado 2012

  • California Field Work, Prop 19

Take Action

Citizen action is crucial to changing policy. Citizens who oppose/are against prohibition need to state their views.   The vast majority of politicians both in Washington, DC and in the States already know that we need to repeal drug prohibition.   However, they will only vote for this change, when they believe it will not hurt them being re-elected.

To find your federal Rep and Senators, go to: www.govtrack.us ….put in your address and it will give you the 3 names.

#1 Therefore, the most important action you can take is to tell your US Senators, your US Congressman and your state legislators that you want to end marijuana prohibition.  Send them an email regarding regarding repealing MJ prohibition and then send COP their response to help us with intelligence gathering.  Sample below.  Feel free to edit.  Send the same email or letter every six (6) months.

#2 Stay informed and encourage your family, friends, colleagues and others to do #1.

Dear Congressman XXXXXX


Regarding marijuana, please take a 10th Amendment approach.  Should our state be allowed to set its own path regarding Industrial Hemp, Medicinal Use and Personal Use of Marijuana?   Or do we continue needing the guidance of the  ‘wise fathers’ who work in DC to make decisions for our state?

So what do you think?  Will you vote to continue prohibition or repeal it?

Regarding 2021, please support the concept of drug decrim for small amounts (personal) of all drugs…Truly think of the medical community as the ‘tip of the spear’ for drug issues, not police and prisons.

And please, no wishy-washy letter that says thanks for your views.  Take a position.


One Concerned Citizen



#3 Write letters to the editor to your local papers.  Go to meetings where your elected officials take questions.   Ask them what are the advantages of having drugs controlled by criminals, cartels and then sold by kids.  Help candidates who agree with your view.

#4: President Biden has indicated his views on the drug war are evolving.  Ask him where he wants to go in 2021.  Let him know how you feel.



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