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Stories from the week of January 28, 2011

COPs on the Hill 

Your voice in the United States Congress

VIP at the other table:  Saturday mornings I spend at the local coffee shop where about seven of us gather to speak French for an hour and then four us stay a bit longer to chat in German.   This week one of our group noted that the newly elected state senator was at the next table.    Turns out his table’s theme was for anyone in the town to chat & had been meeting every Saturday since the 1950s.  I ended up with a full 30 minute chat with the state senator who agreed with  COPs on marijuana policy and harm reduction in general. 

I need to change my underwear!   I spent Tuesday in the House Office Buildings picking up the info on the 96 new Members (got half done).    The police had already shut down much of the Capitol grounds in preparation for the President’s State of the Union speech.   I had to go out the last door in Cannon.  I could see lots of police cars and the streets blocked off.   I had almost passed thru the first of the two doors, when one of the officers ordered in that no-mistake-police-voice “Hold it!!”   I froze like bird dog hitting the scent of a pheasant.    I was hoping the next sensation would be a bolt of electricity from a taser and not a bullet.

“Just wanted to read your jacket….  I agree.”   SOB and the price I pay for my billboard jacket.

Tell me about your shirt:   While gathering the info on new offices, I wore my COPs t-shirt for comfort and I always get asked 15-20 times each day.   Riding up the elevator, the newly elected R Congressman asked about the shirt.  We ended up walking to his office door.   During that 90 seconds he agreed that 10th amendment should apply to marijuana policy.  Wa-hooo!. 

It’s winter:  It was bound to happen.*  While gathering info on new offices, I walked into a Texas office.  The receptionist asked where my felt hat was.  Busted.*  My beaver winter hat is too hot and being brown, does not look right with my white t-shirt…so I wore my white, straw summer hat.   After my explanation we ended up having an excellent chat.   LOL

 *bound to happen = das muß so kommen

*busted = erwischen

 COPs 2nd year stats to date:

 TV appearances: 12 (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, cable) 

Newspaper stories: 6 dailes, 3 weeklies

Radio appearances: 6

Published LTE: 7 ( one this week)

 66 presentations to Congressional staffers: (8  this week)

5 (Member of Congress) contacts : (  2 this week)  

1 other VIP (MD state Senator):  (1 this week)

 Consider being a member of COPs at $30.00 or more per year.    Your support keeps the COPs voice loud and strong in the halls of the United States Congress.   We agree that Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow.  Go to: www.CitizensOpposingProhibition.org and click on Donate/Join – by credit card or send a check to:


POB 772

Buckeystown, MD  21717


Detective/Officer Howard  Wooldridge (retired)

Drug Policy Specialist, COP – www.CitizensOpposingProhibition.org

Washington, DC

817-975-1110 Cell


Domino el español

Ich verstehe mich gut auf Deutsch

Je parle français assez bien pour un petit, timide, moyen cowboy

Citizens Opposing Prohibition – Become a Member

PO Box 772

Buckeystown, MD  21717-0772

Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional &  immoral  domestic policy since slavery  & Jim Crow.



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