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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of August 21, 2009

COP on the Hill

Stories from the week of August 21, 2009

­Repeal Federal Prohibition vs. Decrim or Legalize legislation: Legislative aides provided me a better understanding of how a Member might split a hair….in our favor..Given my freedom of action (since LEAP), I have been ‘shopping’ for an office that would sponsor (write up) a bill to repeal federal prohibition of just marijuana.  Several aides have stated their Member will never vote in favor of a bill to legalize or even decriminalize marijuana.  Those same aides have said the Member might follow their Libertarian philosophy and end any federal involvement  with marijuana = repeal federal prohibition.    Stay tuned.

Deep Breath – Here we go: After much soul searching and seeing the need for experienced law enforcement input on the Hill, we filed state incorporation papers this week for a new organization named Citizens Opposing Prohibition Inc  (COP).

We are in a pivotal place in history.  Howard Wooldridge’s unique perspective from the law enforcement trenches has been educational, enlightening and a resource for Congressional Offices for over 3 years. This ‘grass tops’ approach has been effective and must continue if we are ever going to be able to bring about positive change in our Nation’s drug laws.

COP provides the only law enforcement voice working daily in Washington, DC  to repeal all drug prohibitions.   COP is the only organization that personally visits all 540 Congressional offices, connects the ‘stovepipes’ and thus educates Members of Congress to support  repeal.    Phone calls and letters cannot substitute for personal contact and a handshake.

COP’s goal is to Repeal this Nation’s Drug Prohibition Policy.

We cannot do this alone.

We need your help.

COP is a 501(c)(3) tax- exmpt organization(application pending).  All donations are tax-deductible.  We are asking for your support by becoming a member of COP.  Membership in COP is open to all for only $30.00 per year.  If you can give more to the effort, we greatly appreciate it.  You will receive a weekly emailed newsletter keeping you informed of COP’s activities, if you desire.  The membership list will be kept confidential.  The COP website will be up and running shortly providing ongoing information and resources.

If you know someone who might believe COP’s work to be worthy of support, please forward this email.   Howard’s history and background is included on the next page for those who may not be familiar with his story.

Please mail your tax deductible check payable “Citizens Opposing Prohibition” to:

Citizens Opposing Prohibition

PO Box 772

Buckeystown MD  21717-0772

Name _________________________________________

Mailing address _________________________________________________________________

Email address __________________________________

Congressional district or Congressional Representative__________________________________

Howard Wooldridge

Major Accomplishments

Graduate – Michigan State University 1976 – fluency in German, French and Spanish

Police Service – 18 years retiring as a detective

Advocacy –  In 2003 Howard and horse Misty rode from Georgia to Oregon and 2005 from California to New York to encourage citizens to oppose prohibition.

Author – Misty’s Long Ride: Across North America on Horseback

2002: Co-Founder of LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (www.leap.cc)

Texas Law Changes – 2003 credited when marijuana was added to treatment vs incarceration bill which the governor signed.  Lobbied for ‘catch & release’ for marijuana possession: adopted 2007

New Mexico Law Change – 2005 provided the idea and background of Good Samaritan Law (overdose prevention)  to Reena Szczepanski who worked for it to  become law in 2007.

Capitol Hill efforts: 2006 -2009:  established relationships with Congress by making over 1000 presentations to Members of Congress staff + conversations with 25  Members, urging end to Modern Prohibition and advocating a national, blue-ribbon commission to study the issue.    Senator Webb introduced that bill in 2009.

Minor Accomplishments

2009- Permanent invitation to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday Brunch meeting

400 drug policy presentations to civic groups, churches and other organization since 1999

200 media interviews, including national exposure via NPR, Fox News, Al Jazeera  & ESPN.   20 interviews were in  Spanish, French or German.

Member – Panel Discussion in Spanish on Oppenheimer Presenta  (Larry King of Latin America) -2009

Minor expert of Swiss heroin treatment system due to two trips to Bern Clinic & talks with govt officials

Keynote speaker at Southern Illinois University drug symposium – 2004: lectured at eight colleges

Prominently mentioned by nationally syndicated writer Kathleen Parker -2009*

Washington Post produced article and video clip of Capitol Hill activities– 2009**

Helped persuade former Congressman Tom Tancredo to go public with support for ending Modern Prohibition -2009

1998 – created a t-shirt & motto : COPS SAY LEGALIZE DRUGS – ASK ME WHY.  15,000 have asked me why & thus started conversations about Modern Prohibition.   Motto was adopted for LEAP t-shirts in 2003.

* http://www.postwritersgroup.com/archives/park090213.htm

** http://voices.washingtonpost.com/sleuth/2009/04/_howard_wooldridge_has_one.html?hpid=artslot


Officer Howard  Wooldridge (retired)

Drug Policy Specialist, COP – www.CitizensOpposingProhibition.org

Washington, DC

Hablo espanol, je parle francais, Deutsch auch

Howard J. Wooldridge

POB 772

Buckeystown, MD  21717

817-975-1110 Cell


Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional &  immoral  domestic policy since slavery and Jim Crow.

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