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Published LTE: WHY DOES SEN. BROWER HATE FREEDOM? in the Reno News & Review (NV)..Feb. 13, 2014

Re “Don’t be a dick, Senator Brower” ( Editorial, Jan.  30 ):

Big Pharma is already losing north of $2 billion a year in lost sales to God’s medicine, the green plant.  Somebody has to look for the poor drug companies, so why not Sen.  Brower? The other possibility is his ego would be shattered, if he had to admit he was wrong on the issue of medical marijuana.

Some senators like Brower want to continue to stick their nose in my doctor’s office and tell him what is or is not good for me.  Brower is obviously neither a lover of liberty nor less government intrusion in the lives of the citizens of Nevada.

Howard Wooldridge

Adamstown, MD

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