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Published LTE: Maryland Coast Dispatch- January 21, 2011 – ALCOHOL A BIGGER ISSUE THAN DOPE


My colleague Chief DiPino supports marijuana prohibition but never explained why.  I know our profession is given $13 billion per year to pursue and arrest the Willie Nelsons and Michael Phelps of our country.  This prohibition generates good job security and overtime which are even more important in our recession economy.  The Mexican drug cartels and thousands of teen dealers also support marijuana prohibition for the same reason as Chief DiPino; namely the money.

Certainly it was my police experience that marijuana is a much safer drug than alcohol for both the user and those around them.  Chief DiPino and others in the prohibition crowd essentially drive many people to drink which everyone knows is much more dangerous than marijuana.  Sad that money trumps common sense.

Howard Wooldridge

Adamstown.  Md.

( The writer is a retired detective/officer.  )

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