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Published LTE: LEGAL POT = MORE SAFETY – Chico News and Review – May 20, 2010

Re “Fear into law” ( From the Edge, by Anthony Peyton Porter, May 13 ):

Mr.  Porter’s column touched some issues, but not public safety–the primary mission of law enforcement.  There is no doubt in my mind that when my California colleagues stop chasing the green plant, public safety will improve.  From my perspective as a retired police detective, road patrol will arrest more DUI and reckless drivers, and detectives will arrest more pedophiles and rapists.

Cannabis is a drug and no play toy.  My college roommate flunked out because of it and went to Vietnam.  However, during my 18 years of police service I did not go to one call generated by its use.  Legalizing and regulating marijuana is a no-brainer.

Howard Wooldridge

Citizens Opposing Prohibition

Washington, D.C.

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