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Published LTE: DRUG WAR FOLLY — Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, GA) March 3, 2011

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 Drug War Folly

As a police detective, I learned that every drug dealer ever arrested was replaced within days.  What Chief Justice Hunstein meant about “always having criminals” was that drug dealers are created by the job opportunity when a current dealer is arrested.

Many dealers now come from Mexico and other countries.  Thus the supply is endless.  Since dealers accept as a condition of employment possible death and long prison terms, nothing the courts can do will deter their actions.

Drug prohibition is the basic problem, same as it was in 1933.  We need to abandon the concept that the government can fix stupid.  My colleagues should not be going into homes to stop adults from putting something in their bodies.  That task is best left for family and friends.

Howard Wooldridge


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