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Published LTE: Chico (CA) News & Review: July 21, 2011


Re “Happy 40th, Drug War” ( Guest comment, by Jay Bergstrom, July 7 ):

Speaking as a retired detective, I heartily agree with the anti-prohibition views of Jay Bergstrom.

When I first strapped on a badge and gun, my task was simple: protecting the weak from the strong—public safety.  When the War on Drugs ramped up, the personal safety of citizens in their own homes became important.  We became like parents.  “Now Charlie, if you don’t take the cocaine out of your nose I am going to tell your father …  I mean the judge.” Politicians thought the government could fix stupid via the police.  Oops.

I look forward to the day my profession returns to a task we are good at: public safety.  Got a drug problem, Charlie? See a doctor.  I got better things to do than chase you.

Howard Wooldridge

Springville, Calif.

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