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Countries need to set their own drug policies

Alberni Valley Times

 Published: Friday, October 02, 2009

 As a Michigan police officer who fought in the trenches of the Drug War, I can only add this to the observations of Shayne Morrow: namely, public safety in Canada is significantly reduced by this Modern Prohibition.

 Every hour RCMP members chase cannabis and other drugs, they have less time for the deadly DUI, the child molesters and other public safety threats. Drug gangs cause significant violent crime, reducing the time to chase regular bad guys.

 Recently, Mexico took the bold and enlightened step to decriminalize personal amounts of all drugs. The Obama administration sent the signal that any country in this hemisphere is now allowed to set its own approach to drugs. Canada, what are you waiting for?

 Howard Wooldridge

 Citizens Opposing Prohibition

 Washington, DC

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