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Cops on the Hill:   Stories from the weeks of August 26 & Sept 2, 2022

Buzz Saw: I had a lively chat with a legislative assistant who quickly inserted how he was a recovering heroin addict…..and completely opposed to any reducing penalties for drug possession.  BTW, besides cops, prosecutors and conservative ministers, former addicts are quite often opposed to legalization.  And they often are agitated by my shirt/position!


Here and most often, I am accused of not understanding how dangerous crack, meth and heroin are.  LOL.  This gentleman immediately dismissed the Portugal decrim program, since it is a foreign country.  He also dismissed out of hand the Oregon results, since it has only been in effect 20 months.  We kept it professional and parted cordially.  And so it goes


Weekly Activities:


3811 Presentations to Congressional staffers… 02  this week…

95 Radio Interviews… 01

Meetings:  2 Grover Norquist


COP stats since inception: August 2009

421 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, VIPs, etc

334 personal chats with a Member of Congress… 0 this week –

209 interviews and reports in minor media …0 this week….interviewed by documentary crew making film about Burning Man

107 Appearances/Interviews on major TV/Radio/Print media. 0 This week

44 published interviews/foto in major (daily) newspapers or magazine… 0 this week
Blaze TV {new, popular right-wing}, (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, BBC, CNN, NPR, German, Swiss, French, Spanish TV and radio) Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Grand Rapids Press + 9 other MI papers. Chicago Tribune, Honolulu Star Advertiser {foto and caption}, Reason Magazine, Reuters

31 major conferences attended – (UN drug conference, CPAC, LULAC, NRA, CBC, ASA, DPA, Dem & Repub. Presidential conventions., National Review, Republican Annual Retreat etc.) 0 this week

Weekly attendance at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders. Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”

* Consider being a member of COP at $40 or more per year. All contributions are tax-deductible. 40 dollars buys all the copy paper COP uses in one year. Law Enforcement’s voice in opposition to current policy is vital on the Hill to achieve a repeal of federal drug prohibition. COP provides that voice. www.citizensopposingprohibition.org


































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