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COPs on the Hill: Stories from the week of May 21, 2010


How to gain votes?:   Recently my wife gave notice* to her CPA firm (she wants a job without a long commute).   Her colleagues have long seen the message on her rear end (car) MOMS SAY – LEGALIZE POT.    Still she was a bit startled (accountants are known to be quiet people), when a senior partner came to her office and asked if the free samples would end.   They both had a good laugh.  NOTE: free samples to Congressional offices will continue. LOL

 To me this is just another sign that the Tipping Point has been reached, or nearly.   When CPAs make casual jokes about cannabis, it is a sign.

 If you are not angry, you are not paying attention:

 I attended two hearings this week.   The Senate’s Dick Durbin (D- IL) determined in only two hours that the Rule of Law in Mexico is threatened by the 24,000 dead citizens and anarchy in the northern states.

 The House Judiciary held a ultra sober two hour hearing on the problem of rape kits not being opened across the USA.  See my summary below which I gave to columnist Kathleen Parker.   The star actress from the TV show Law & Order – SUV was especially effective in pointing out how society places so little value on women.    The Members made nice speeches about the problem but no action is expected.  Recall NPR had an excellent report 18 months ago about the 400,000 unopened kits.  And the lawmakers have snoozed.*

 Snapshot* of testimony on Rape Kits not Being Tested

 All witnesses agreed that the number of kits untested in unknown.  Kits are left at hospitals (never picked up), evidence rooms and labs.   Police departments are reluctant to find out how many they have, due to adverse* publicity.  Detroit PD has about 15,000 untested.  Los Angeles has about 12,000.   New York City recently worked off a 17,000 kit backlog…the only bright spot in testimony. 

  1. It costs about $900 to 1000 to process a kit.
  2. At 50% of police depts, forensic DNA evidence is NOT a priority.
  3. From the actress on Law & Order – SVU Mariska Hargitay—since the police don’t test, the victims (thousands of whom have written her) interpret not testing,  as a sign that the police, society does not care about rape.  IMHO the victims are correct.  NOTE:  while testifying, she cracked emotionally for about 10 seconds….very moving.
  4. It was a very depressing two hours.

 *give notice = kündigen

*snooze = schlafen

*snapshot = klein Blick

*adverse = ungünstig

COP stats since August 2009:

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Numerous conferences, hearings & briefings attended.  C-Span broadcast my question at a Senate briefing

11 radio shows

6  TV interviews (Colombian TV, Fox and Univision)

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