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COPs on the Hill: Stories from the week of March 4, 2011

COPs on the Hill 

Your Voice in the United States Congress

Your chance:  This week at Grover’s Brunch a senior staffer from the House Appropriations Committee asked all attendees for suggestions on where & how much to cut spending.  

Regarding drug prohibition policy, please send me your ideas with a brief (paragraph) on why & by how much a program should be cut.   I will forward them to this staffer.

Out of uniform!  Today I entered the office of first year Member Hansen Clarke (D-MI) to learn the name of their legislative aide who handles judiciary/crime.     “Where is the t-shirt?” demanded the receptionist, as I barely walked thru the door.   The other 4 staffers chipped in, complaining they wanted to see me in the t-shirt.

All in good fun I explained that sometimes I have to wear a coat and tie.  I promised to wear COPS SAY LEGALIZE POT shirt  again soon. LOL

Note:  Congressman Clarke came out during the campaign last fall in favor of legalize/regulate/tax marijuana…. AND HE WAS ELECTED!

BLESS THE TRUE GRIT* OF CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL:  I have met with staffers from about ten (10) of the new Tea Party Republicans.   All but two expressed open support for our proposed repeal of federal prohibition and promised to lobby the boss to support the bill coming up.  And two Members told me they would look favorably or vote yes on such a bill.  We are getting there…. = a couple of more years & state budgets being at ‘no money.’

NOTE:   Due to the ongoing problems with the 2011 budget and the need for multiple CR (continuing resolution) motions, our 10th Amendment based marijuana reform bill will probably be delayedL


*true grit = ständig Tapferkeit + Zähigkeit + vollständig unbekümmert

COPs 2nd year stats to date:

TV appearances: 11 (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, cable) 

Newspaper stories: 7 dailes, 3 weeklies

Radio appearances: 7 

Published LTE: 9 (one this week)

Other media (bloggers, cable TV, minor publications, etc): 9

81 presentations to Congressional staffers: (7 this week)

5 (Member of Congress) contacts:    

5 other VIP (MD state Senator & Rep):   

 Consider being a member of COPs at $30.00 or more per year.   All contributions are tax-deductible.   Your support keeps the COPs voice loud and strong in the halls of the United States Congress.   We agree that Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow.  Go to: www.CitizensOpposingProhibition.org and click on Donate/Join – by credit card or send a check to:


POB 772

Buckeystown, MD  21717

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