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Cops on the Hill: Stories from the week of August 20, 2021

Cops on the Hill

Stories from the week of August 20, 2021

 Making a Contribution:  After an 18-month halt/hiatus, anti-tax guy Grover Norquist is again holding a live meeting of his “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement” at his DC headquarters.  Simply grand it was to see and chat with the 150 leaders who attend.

One of his guests spoke of the need to legalize/regulate marijuana in all 50 states.  Grover had a very technical question which the guest could not answer, so he called on me.  I explained the nuance between drugs in schedules 1-5, drugs controlled by the GRAS rules* and the two drugs which are outside the entire system: alcohol and tobacco.  My advice for the group was to support any move to deschedule marijuana, just like alcohol/tobacco are.

It’s cool, when a drug policy question comes up and all eyes turn to me for the answer they can trust.

*Generally Recognized As Safe (& Effective)


These weeks:

3635 Presentations to Congressional staffers… 06 this week..

Meetings this week:  01-Grover’s center-right:


COP stats since inception: August 2009

398 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, VIPs, etc.: 0 this week –

330 personal chats with a Member of Congress… 0

92 Radio Interviews… 0 this week

207 interviews and reports in minor media …0 this week.

107 Appearances/Interviews on major TV/Radio/Print media. 0 This week

44 published interviews/foto in major (daily) newspapers or magazine… 0 this week
Blaze TV {new, popular right-wing}, (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, BBC, CNN, NPR, German, Swiss, French, Spanish TV and radio) Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Grand Rapids Press + 9 other MI papers. Chicago Tribune, Honolulu Star Advertiser {foto and caption}, Reason Magazine, Reuters

31 major conferences attended – (UN drug conference, CPAC, LULAC, NRA, CBC, ASA, DPA, Dem & Repub. Presidential conventions., National Review, Republican Annual Retreat etc.) 0 this week

Weekly attendance at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders. Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”

* Consider being a member of COP at $40.00 or more per year. All contributions are tax-deductible. 40 dollars buys all the copy paper COP uses in one year. Law Enforcement’s voice in opposition to current policy is vital on the Hill to achieve a repeal of federal drug prohibition. COP provides that voice. www.citizensopposingprohibition.org

Howard ‘Cowboy’ Wooldridge

Detective Officer Howard ‘Cowboy’  Wooldridge, Retired

Founder & Drug Policy Specialist at COP Citizens Opposing Prohibition.org

Co-Founder of Law Enforcement Action Partnership(www.LEAP.cc)



817-975-1110 (cell)

Metro Washington DC

The War on Drugs/Drug Prohibition has been the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat / Fortuna Eruditis Favet – Fortune Favors the Bold

Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way

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