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COP on the Hill: Stories from the weeks of October 5 & 12, 2018

Stories from the weeks of October 5 and 12

Mundane: Street sign-holding is important and I believe effective, whether the press comes or not. People see my sign, read the Prop One signs and it all helps make them aware. A survey on October 1 showed 72% of likely voters knew about the ballot proposal to legalize MJ.

Teamwork: 3 TV interviews and one print interview in the first 9 days… Great start….all from the organizers here in Michigan. I was told that my street presence in front of the theater used by the Prohibition Crowd and subsequent 30 seconds on TV – have had a chilling effect on our opponents. = They realize if they hold an “informational” public event, I show up and our message receives as much air time as the the other side. Woohoo!!

Thoughtful Discussions Continue: In Michigan I am super strict on only wearing my POT shirts. This weekend I traveled to and bought a new cycle in Wisconsin…and so I was wearing my heroin shirt. A cycle shop employee asked why & we had a great 10M chat. I told the owner who sold me the bike that if Pam showed up high on heroin next week, he could blame me. Taking the high speed ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon, MI, at the terminal I had a super chat on heroin in Spanish. On the ferry I had a chat with the regional manner of a major beer distributor. All good.

PS…it is just a joy to be away from the Swamp and interact with real people.

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