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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of October 26, 2012

 COPs in Colorado


I will vote for the horse:  Several people this week said they would vote for ‘yes’ on Misty but not for Amendment 64.  Maybe Misty should run for office?

 We finished up northern Colorado over the weekend with time in Fort Morgan and Sterling.  Loveland was a busy day at a major intersection and a one hour interview and chat with the reporter from their daily paper.  The next two were in Longmont and again lots and over-whelmingly positive responses.  We stayed at the home of Bo & Betsy Shaffer for 3 days.  Misty was able to stay in a half acre area with two llamas.  The big snow on Thursday meant i had the time to run some errands in Denver, plus see my brother and have dinner with my ‘librarian’ Karen Bury and her husband Paul.  I finished the day off with a radio interview that night.

 The ‘Coffin Races’ near Colorado Springs took up our Saturday.  Bob Wiley, Misty and I worked the 3-4,000 strong crowd with our signs.  Misty and I greeted the people as they walked towards the downtown.   Just before the parade and races began, we walked to the festivities.  The police officer said nothing, so we just used the sidewalk to make our way to a tiny park which afforded Misty soft shavings to stand on the next two hours. See foto….Bob and I spoke to dozens of people and several hundred took our picture.  Yes, it was a bit dicey* to put Misty on a crowded sidewalk but I had faith and it went smooth as silk.

 We spent Sunday splitting our day.  First two hours were spent at the ‘Focus on the Family’ mega – church where 5,000 plus gather.  Bob and I were able to cover the large intersection ourselves.  We both noted that we had very few negative responses from this very conservative venue.  After lunch we parked ourselves at the busiest intersection in Colorado Springs.  Again, lots of enthusiasm and fotos taken (close to 4 per minute = above average). About five o’clock we were calling it a day, when the TV crew from ABC showed up.  After an interview, Misty and I went back to the intersection to allow the cameraman 15 minutes to record how this is done.  Misty certainly got an extra pound of carrots upon our return to the barn. 

 Note:  Bob arranged for Misty to have a stall in a barn.  She is sleeping on the ground = much more rested and alert during her ‘working day.’

 URL for TV report:  http://www.krdo.com/news/Cowboy-campaigns-to-legalize-cannabis/-/417220/17170736/-/vaj4xo/-/index.html

 Media in second week:

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