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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of June 3, 10, 17 and 24th, 2016

COP on the Hill

Stories from the week of June 3, 10, 17 and 24th, 2016

POTUS: At the quarterly meeting of the OSI (Open Society Inst.) I sat across from three White House staffers. I asked them to inform Obama that he needed to go on national TV and tell the 800,000 cops in this country that the War on Drugs was over. Citizens should no longer be considered ‘enemy combatants.’ Stopping shooting citizens because you think they may have drugs. Drugs problems will be handled by doctors.

It felt great to speak truth to power. I have low confidence Obama will hear my request. Such is my cynicism after 10 years inside the Beltway.

Meeting some VIPs: I attended two, two day conferences; the Latino Coalition which was primarily Republican small business owners (Trump was invited but declined). The other group was very wealthy energy business people. I was specifically invited by folks who attend Grover’s Brunch, so I went. In fact Grover was the moderator of one panel. He and I had an excellent 10 minute chat on my issue.

I took another two weeks of personal time/family business this month…long story short my mom passed after a brief illness at 94. RIP to the woman along with my dad who gave me the Right Stuff in life to climb the tallest mountains.

This week’s stats:

132 personal chats with a Member of Congress.. 02 this week
2183 Presentations to Congressional staffers.. 06 this week
132 interviews and reports in minor media = 02 this week.
Ten-minute report via Skype ..The Real News Network
67 Radio Interviews.. 01 this week
5 meetings/conferences

COP stats since inception: August 2009
42 published interviews/foto in major (daily) newspapers or magazine… 0 this week
62 Appearances/Interviews on major TV/Radio/Print media..This week (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, BBC, CNN, NPR)…02 this week (NBC twice)

200 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, VIPs, etc. this week

24 major conferences attended – (United Nations drug conf, CPAC, LULAC, NRA, CBC, ASA, DPA, Dem & Repub. Presidential conventions., National Review, etc) 0this week
83 published letters to the editor (value per MAPINC in free publicity: $83,000).. 0 this week
* 2 editorials in daily papers mentioning Howard’s efforts & in support of COP position
Weekly attendance at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders. Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”
* Consider being a member of COP at $30.00 or more per year. All contributions are tax-deductible. 30 dollars buys all the copy paper COP uses in one year. Law Enforcement’s voice in opposition to current policy is vital on the Hill to achieve a repeal of federal prohibition. COP provides that voice. www.citizensopposingprohibition.org

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