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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of July 22 and 29, 2011

COP on the Hill

Your Voice in the United States Congress

Timing Matters:  Busy week with 18 presentations.  In two offices the Member returned from their duties as I was there.  With a Florida Member I had a serious, 90 second chat.  He indicated he would support the repeal bill.  With the other from Indiana he asked how is it going?  I replied I was about to sell his aide Christy some snake oil.  Perhaps intrigued, he asked what that was.  I outlined the repeal bill and he said he would take a look. 

Both Members received a hand-written note on my personal/COP stationary.  One is designed for Democrats and one is for Republicans, naturally.

Vacation minus one day:  I spent the week with Karen’s family in a lake area in western Maryland.   Karen was mostly successful in getting me to relax and NOT work…except for Tuesday.   I spent the day preparing for a nationwide, Spanish television talk show. My thanks to Paul Armentano of NORML & Daniel Robelo of DPA who helped me prepare.  The broadcast went well (link below).   During the debate I was unable to find the correct word for “someone” when asking for someone to call in and tell us any benefit, any advantage to marijuana prohibition. I ended up saying some person, any person.. Grrr.

http://youtu.be/rNkHFWgUCPA  debate marihuana segunda parte

Two published letters to the editor below.

COPs 2nd year stats to date:

197 presentations to Congressional staffers:  18 this week

TV appearances: 13 … 1 this week (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, cable) 

Newspaper stories: 7 dailies, 3 weeklies

Radio appearances: 13 – this week

Published LTE: 19 (2 this week) –both below

Other media (bloggers, cable TV, minor publications, etc): 12 (this week)

11 (Member of Congress) contacts:    2 this week

5 other VIP (MD state Senator & Rep):   


Porterville, CA Recorder



Speaking as a retired street cop, the amount of time and money going after the marijuana crop is a horrific waste of taxpayer money.  Pot has been readily available to kids for over 30 years, despite the pinpricks in supply reduction.

As the “Thin Blue Lines” get thinner, I hope my colleagues will focus their attention on pedophiles, drunk drivers and other public safety threats.

Got a problem with marijuana? See an addiction doctor.

Howard Wooldridge


Free-Lance Star, VA


Speaking as a retired detective, I heartily agree with the thoughts of Donnie Johnston [“Is it time for a truce in the war on drugs?” July 22]. 

My profession has spent just over a trillion tax dollars on the war on drugs.  The results? Drugs are cheaper, stronger, and more readily available to our teens. 

Prohibition is the prime driver of felony crime in the U.S.  Millions of good citizens have been made victims because a crackhead needs $200 a day. 

Seriously, if Charlie and his friends die from cocaine, who cares? My sympathy is with the homeowners whose homes are broken into. 

About 98 percent of us do not need a law to keep us from using hard drugs.  Will we ever be as wise as our grandparents and repeal prohibition? Or will we waste another trillion dollars just to see what happens?

Howard Wooldridge

Buckeystown, Md.

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