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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of January 2 & 9, 2015

Stories from the week of January 2 & 9, 2015

This is where the money went in 2014..

Salaries, labor costs: $0.00… a shout out to Dwight in Denver who maintains and improves the COP website

Vehicle mileage, parking and mass transit (train & subway):  2200

Conference costs to attend Drug Policy Alliance: 1000 – United Nations in Vienna & New York City (planning meeting): 2300 – CPAC: 600 and the NRA – National Rifle Association in Indiana: 800—-TOTAL: $ 4,700

Admin: $2,000 – office supplies, internet & cell phone connections, etc.   (NOTE: this is about 700 more than usual due to one-time purchase of a new computer: the old, donated computer was obsolete)

Meals: 500

Misc: 300

TOTAL: $9,200


COP work done in calendar 2014:

  • 221Presentations to Congressional staffers.. 
  • 14 Radio Interviews..  
  • 2 brief chats with Members of Congress..
  • 11 chats with Members of Congress (5 minutes or more)
  • 58 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, VIPs, etc
  • 5 major conferences attended (United Nations in Austria, DPA, NRA, CPAC, CBC (Congressional Black Conference)
  • 4 Appearances on major TV networks..this week(Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision)
  • 8 published LTEs
  • 4 Presentations to Grover Norquist Wednesday meeting + Weekly attendance at the brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders.   Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”
  • Assisted in having Grover Norquist speak to large audience at Burning Tree.
  • Established a solid relationship with members of the German, French, Uruguay and Swiss embassies.
  • A request came from the German and French embassies for COP to arrange meetings in Colorado as part of a fact-finding mission. A large shout out to the law firm of Vicente & Sederburg LLC in Denver who put the nuts and bolts together. We knocked it out of the park.
  • Established a working relationship with a White House staffer

Cost: $9,200

Note: the large reduction in presentations to Congressional staffers reflects a new approach of talking to staffers once every two years, instead of every year. All 535 offices receive several visits to drop off materials & remind them of law enforcement presence on the Hill who are against Drug Prohibition.


Favorite Foto of 2014:   see attached below

At a televised event sponsored by the National Journal – asking a question to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – Goodlatte (R-VA)


***A humble thank you to all who donated to keep COP going . COP could not produce the above without your generous support.

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