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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of August 2, 2013

Being on vacation this week – I am sending examples of my follow-up letters after I visit an office.  The first is to an R office (note the first two paragraphs are special to just this person).  The bottom has my standard script to a D office.

Morning Evelyn,

Thank you for your time earlier this month.   I thoroughly enjoyed the chat, even as we disagree on the nanny-state policy of prohibition.

I am concerned that you influence national policy base on a personal hunch that use may go up/explode.  I implore you to talk to medical experts in this area.

Since we first met two years ago, the federal govt. has spent some 30 billion dollars, 13 of which we borrowed from China.  And absolutely nothing was accomplished.  Per the DEA, drugs are still readily available to America’s youth.

Current federal drug policy violates many Republican principles i.e. limited federal govt, individual freedom, squandered money, (borrowing billions from China to pay for it), etc.    As a registered Republican, it is painful to see our party lose its way.  Tell me how & where current policy is helping America and I will leave for Texas tomorrow.   Please have the Senator write an oped pointing out all the benefits and advantages of marijuana prohibition & send it to me.


If I can assist in a volunteer capacity, I speak fluent German, French and Spanish.

I remain at your service,


Officer Howard  Wooldridge (retired)

Drug Policy Specialist, COP – www.CitizensOpposingProhibition.org

Washington, DC

817-975-1110 Cell



Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional &  immoral  domestic policy since slavery  & Jim Crow.


Morning Stephanie,


Thank you for your time earlier this month.    I enjoyed the chat.


I hope you will be able to convince the Senator that drug prohibition has been a disaster for the young people of our country, causing misery and death.   We need to repeal federal prohibition, starting with marijuana.  Pls. let me know if the Senator can articulate one advantage of prohibition.   Let’s take away the option of being a teen drug dealer.


If I can assist in a volunteer capacity, I speak fluent German, French and Spanish.


I remain at your service,






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