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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week January 25, 2013

COP on the Hill

Stories from the week January 25, 2013

The Good:

I had a 30 second ‘elevator’ chat with an R Congressman from the Southeast.  I told him I represented police officers who did not want to waste time chasing a green plant and guys like Willie Nelson.  His response?  “And it is a horrible waste of tax dollars.”

I met with the chief legal counsel to Congressman Polis who will introduce the bill to repeal the federal prohibition of marijuana.  The bill will be clean and simple, much like in the last session.

Two R offices this week who sat on the fence last session said they will now co-sponsor the repeal bill, citing the robust wins in Colorado and Washington.

One day this week I had an average day of six presentations.  The good was in four of the five R offices the staffer said he agreed completely with the COP mission and ‘what can I do to help?’  Such comments are coming more and more frequently this session.  Wow and what a change from 2005, when I rode into town.

The Bad:

The new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (Goodlatte from Virginia) has almost the same mentality as Lamar Smith the former chairman.  Do not expect a hearing/vote on the new bill.

Short of a miracle, I agree with Keith Stroup of NORML.  A vote by the Congress on total repeal will not take place for at least 6 years.  However, if present trends continue, the vote to repeal will pass.

The Ugly:  Besides urging the Members to support the repeal bill, I am asking them to starve the beast. “Stop giving law enforcement any money.”  This is direct off the sheet I give each aide:

China & others will loan us 6 billion of the 15 billion spent on prohibition by Congress in FY 2014.  3B just for marijuana war.  Return on that investment after a trillion dollars?  Drugs are cheaper, stronger, and readily available to anyone in the USA per federal reports.


On the night of the Texas Inaugural Ball  I ran into the Chief of Staff of a name you would recognize = extra big cheese.  In a ten minute chat I asked him why the Republicans don’t just cut say a 100 billion from our 1 trillion dollar budget deficit…. just to show the world they are serious about cuts.  He sighed and gave me a brief lesson on how the world of Congress works. = Members have obligated themselves (to special interests) to spend 3.8 trillion next year.  The lobbyists/special interests would hurt (politically) the Members, if they did not spend all that money.  Thus, though the Republicans talk about cutting spending and have the power to send those cuts to the Senate, they don’t and they won’t.   Drug Prohibition spending will not be cut.


I was seriously impacted by this chat.  I kind of knew the ‘way of the world’ before he explained.  Now, ain’t no doubt.  As a USA citizen, it was a painful 10 minutes.

Personal Note:  Many of you have asked about Karen.  Please know she is 100% in body and spirit.    Lucky boy I am.

COP stats since inception: August 2009

  • 1038 Presentations to Congressional staffers..13 this week
  • 30 Appearances on major TV networks (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision)
  • 21 published interviews in major (daily)newspapers
  • 43 interviews and reports in minor media = blogs, cable TV, etc
  • 71 published letters to the editor (value per MAPINC in free publicity: $70,000) = 1 this week
  • 2 editorials in daily papers mentioning my efforts & in support of COP position
  • 22 Radio Interviews
  • 34 brief chats with Members of Congress
  • 30 chats with other elected officials, state reps, senators, etc.
  • 11 major conferences attended (CPAC, LULAC, NRA, etc)
  • Permanent invitation to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday brunch attended by 150 conservative leaders.   Named the “Grand Central Station of the Conservative Movement.”
  • Consider being a member of COP at $30.00 or more per year.   All contributions are tax-deductible.   Law Enforcement’s voice in opposition to current policy is vital on the Hill to achieve a repeal of federal prohibition.  COP provides that voice.   If you agree that Modern Prohibition/War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional and immoral policy since slavery & Jim Crow and want to be a part of the solution…  Go to:

This LTE was published by the Dallas Morning News on January 6, 2013


Pot laws a danger to kids


Re: “Which way on marijuana? — Legalization movement is gambling with our children’s futures, says Richard Roper,” Wednesday Viewpoints.


I’m writing as a retired street cop. I saw the prohibition of marijuana reduce the safety of our children. Nearly 1 million teens are selling drugs like marijuana today, since prohibition creates a job option. Every week, kids are shot because of their prohibition employment. Moreover, while detectives are in helicopters looking for a green plant, pedophiles are more able to contact and rape our children.


Roper fears an increase in teen use when marijuana is legal. Maybe. Or they might use less, as the attraction of a forbidden fruit is gone. I am not an expert. Is Roper?


Last, bear in mind that law enforcement may want to keep prohibition because they fear a loss of jobs and easy overtime. They have a conflict of interest.


Howard Wooldridge, Dallas




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