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COP on the Hill: Stories from the week of September 18, 2009

Howard on the Hill

Stories from the week of September 18, 2009

Going fishing: How many times does a fisherman throw his line in the water before he catches a fish?   I don’t know because I don’t fish.    I do know that having thrown my hook out some 1200 times now, I have found/caught some fish (Congressional offices)  drug reform did not know existed.

This week I received a response back from my ‘thank you for your time’ note I send to all legislative aides.  This R aide asked how I am became such a polyglot (answer I sent below).   Perhaps when I need him to ask his boss to consider a repeal prohibition bill, he will step up to the plate* just because he was impressed with my language skills.   Whatever sticks to the wall = hat, boots, buckle, Long Rides or languages.

One step back: This week Georgia State Republican lawmaker Tommy Benton (31st House District) stated he favors “caning”* minor marijuana offenders and “executing” those who sell the drug, according to a recent correspondence sent by the representative to a constituent.    I wrote him a letter asking if he understood that 900,000 teens are employed as drug dealers.  Would he really put a 14 year old to death?  No response yet.

One step forward: An aide to a Blue Dog Democrat* whom I had met a year before spent the last 10 minutes of our meeting giving me a step by step map on how best to end federal involvement in state drug policy.  Essentially it would be to insert a one paragraph amendment into an appropriations bill stating that no federal funds may be used directly or indirectly to enforce federal law, where the State had nullifed federal law by choosing a different policy. (think medical marijuana in 13 states).

He was a 10 year police veteran turned legislative aide.  His passion showed, as he made sure I understood what to do.  He wants at least marijuana prohibition to be ended ASAP.*

*step up to the plate = der Mut und Begeisterung finden, etwas schwierig und hart zu tun

*caning = jemand mit einem Stab schlagen

*Blue Dog Democrat = im Demokratischenpartei aber conservatif mit Geld

*ASAP = so bald wie möglich

Polyglot – short story: at 19 spent 3 months in Europe in 70…felt like illiterate ‘cause only spoke English.  Came back to U and began German – became my minor.   After 6 more months (2 trips) to mostly Germany = fluent German:  Before starting LIFE, I wanted to be an average European which means 3 languages…so after graduation from Mich. State,  made bunch of $$ driving a semi for United Van Lines, in Switzerland took intensive 3 month course in French and poof…tri-lingual…..police work needed Spanish = took junior college courses at night and then 3 months in Spain…poof…4 languages.

My 3 months of Arabic studies in Egypt resulted in being semi-fluent but have lost nearly all of it..  I could still piss off a terrorist on an airplane but not really carry on a  conversation.

BTW, I also speak ‘horse.’…for that I needed to ride my pony across North America twice…13 months in the saddle.   Okay- now I am bragging.  LOL

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