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2019 Summary of COP Activities

2019   Fiscal Year Summary of COP Activities

The Numbers:

118 presentations to Congressional Staff
15 chats with Members of Congress
26 chats with other VIPs (state reps, state senators, etc.)
1 Major conferences attended CPAC

Salaries: 000
Website Master: 000, time/expertise donated by Dwight Maskew of Colorado
990 Preparations and misc. bookkeeping: 000 – time and expertise donated by Karen Anderson

Mileage & Mass Transit: 783
Meals: 490
Office Supplies:  672
Misc: 171
Internet & Phone: 1560
Conventions  , CPAC    : 2414

Total: $6,090 — Monies raised in 2018: circa 11, 500

Work done in 2019 – 2020:

Congress – COP continued to focus on educating the Congress which resulted in steady progress toward our goal of applying the 10th Amendment to marijuana. In 2019 -2020 we maintained and expanded with enough votes in the House and the Senate to pass our 10th legislation but Republican leader ship blocked any vote.  Covid hit in March, Congress closed its door and all efforts involved Covid issues versus anything else through August 2020.

Nationally – COP spoke truth to power at two major political events. Though expensive, the audience at these events are the leaders who return home, infected with anti-prohibition ideas and talking points.

Internationally –   COP continues to promote to all Members of Congress and the White House the Swiss Heroin Treatment Program.  Additionally, a summary of the Portugal approach to Drug Decrim was distributed to all Members and the White House.  Howard Wooldridge had three productive meetings in Switzerland this fiscal year: one with the administrator of the Swiss program, another with the architect of the HAT Program and who is currently on the front lines of the issue.  The last meeting was with a retired Swiss police Sergeant who gave me information on how front-line officers feel about the Swiss approach to hard drugs.   NOTE:  only expenses incurred on those three days were charged to COP.



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