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COP on the Hill: Stories from weeks in May 2018:

COP on the Hill

Stories from weeks in May 2018:

Starting on a cheerful note, the two-day conference in Oslo went well. About 30 activists from all of Norway (population 5 million) gathered to learn how to move the issue and learn as many facts/strategies as possible. I made a 20-minute presentation and then 50 minutes of Q & A. I recall my very first anti-prohibition meeting at Rick Days’ house in Dallas (pop 6 million) had about 25 attending in 1997.

They flew in 2 other speakers (Holland, UK) and we bunked in an Air B n B. The event was well-organized and their national efforts are off to a good start. The only COP expense was the food. Note: their Govt essentially declared a war on drugs in 1982. Their health minister had a Road-to-Damascus type conversion last year and has declared his support to adopt the Portugal model. I will keep you posted. Historically, Norway and Sweden have been the two most USA-style, War on Drugs nations in Europe.

My two meetings in Bern were less encouraging. The visa lady laid out clearly the steps for a USA heroin addict to come/live in Switzerland, enroll in their health care and then receive HAT. My impression was confirmed this will be pushing big boulders up the hill. She also confirmed that no foreigner has ever tried to go through this process. Note: the central Swiss govt does not approve the visas…each of the 26 Cantons makes the decision. Oy Vey.

Joined by Karen, we had an excellent, informative lunch with (now my old friend of 17 years) Dr. Christoph Bürki. Recall he ran the Bern HAT clinic for a number of years (how I met him) and is now in private practice, still treating addicts with methadone or morphine. (for heroin an addict must go to a clinic). Besides up to the hour info on Swiss HAT, he confirmed that the road I have set upon will be a nightmare of bureaucracy …otherwise ,

Ready to Go: Karen and I had a most enjoyable 4 weeks full of hiking (50,000 steps in 4 days in London), family, friends, etc. = I am very rested and full speed ahead. Karen was a saint as folks asked me…. The chat below delayed her dinner by 10 minutes, as 3 more ladies asked me why before I ordered. (foto may not be available on website)

British Pub, cold pint of beer, mate asks why…and voila

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