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  • Gov. Chris Christy (NJ-R)

  • Colorado 2012

  • California Field Work, Prop 19

Work done in fifth fiscal year (August 1, 2013 thru July 31, 2014):

The bread and butter Congressional presentations numbered roughly 296. This number is down about 100 from last year. This reflects Howard working closer to 40 hours a week instead of 50. All 535 offices received visits to drop off materials, ask for an aides time, etc.  Dozens of hearings and meetings were attended through DC.

Know that about 20% of the offices simply refuse to meet with me. 50% of the House offices force me to go door to door to meet as opposed to responding to my email for an appointment to meet. Luckily the Senate offices agree to set up a meeting about 60% of the time.

The champions of the House are Misters Polis (D-CO), Farr (D-CA) and Rohrabacher (R-CA). Rohrabacher’s HR 1523 was the flagship of this session of Congress ending up with 28 co-sponsors (21 Democrats and 7 Republicans). COP continues to educate the Congress on the need to repeal federal, marijuana prohibition. NOTE: 1523 was 39 words long and simply acted to repeal federal marijuana prohibition.

I attended the weekly Grover Norquist meeting of 150 influential conservatives every week I was in DC. This relationship continues to bear fruit. Norquist is a vocal supporter of COP efforts. I attended the CPAC convention in DC, DPA conference in Denver, the NRA national conference in Indianapolis and the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) September conference.

I attended an 11 day United Nations conference in Vienna, Austria at the request of SSDP. Using my four languages, I spoke to delegates from 27 countries. Also, I delivered in Spanish a 12 minute presentation at an officially sanctioned breakout session. The Spanish was in recognition of the tens of thousands who have died in Latin America due to worldwide prohibition.

In July I attended a one day planning session at the UN building in New York City. The belief of COP is that these international efforts will pay solid dividends in Washington, DC. One obstacle to repeal of drug prohibition in Congress is the United Nation’s 1961 Single Convention Treaty. COP will continue to do its part to end worldwide drug prohibition.

COP raised $14.666 in fiscal year #5. Expenditures were $9,770. Money in the bank at the end of the fiscal year was $32,231.



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