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International & FAQ

Background:  In 1961 the United States of America via the United Nations Single Convention Treaty forced upon the world their vision of what drugs should be legal/regulated and which drugs should be prohibited from sale.  Due to its position of being the #1 Superpower, the rest of the world was obliged to agree to their policy.   Countries like Great Britain and others which had treated hard drug use as a medical issue, had to adopt the American position of making the users criminals.

Since then a few brave countries have thumbed their nose at the United Nations and the United States.  Holland essentially legalized and regulated cannabis sales to adults in 1976.  Switzerland adopted a HAT – Heroin Assisted Treatment program in 1994 despite intense international pressure.  NOTE: today eight countries have adopted the successful Swiss model for their heroin addicts including: Portugal,Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, and Germany.  In 2001 Portugal decriminalized simple possession (intent to use) of all drugs, again despite intense UN pressure.  Today drug use rates in Portugal  have remained either the same or have declined slightly, giving evidence that few will begin using illegal drugs, when the penalties for possession are removed.  Mexico decriminalized personal amounts of all drugs in 2010. Even Iran has a needle exchange program.  In 2012 former President of Guatemala Perez Molina was a leader in urging a discussion on legalization.  In 2013 the USA announced it would allow stores to open in the states of Colorado and Washington that will sell marijuana for personal use. In 2021 the USA has 18 states like Colorado. In 2022, half of the US population can legally buy and possess marijuana.  Uruguay legalized MJ in 2015 Canada legalized and regulated cannabis in 2019.

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